High 5 Sports & Activity Camps

The High 5 Sports & Activity Camps were set up to offer parents with children aged anywhere from 5 – 15 years old the ideal solution for keeping them entertained and most importantly active during the school holidays. Operating out of Stover School gives all the children who attend our sports camps the opportunity to benefit from both the fantastic grounds and sports facilities that the school has to offer combined with the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm that our experienced team of coaches can provide.

For those children who are 8 years or over and might be looking for even more adventure & excitement during their holidays, we have also linked our camps in with a number of action & adventure activities in the local area and we regularly run trips to visit these additional activity providers thus ensuring our camps really do offer something different to other holiday clubs.

By using professional sports coaches from different sporting backgrounds to work within the camps we aim to ensure everyone has a great time, makes new friends and also learn and develop their skills and understanding in a wide variety of sports. We also want to challenge everyone at the camps and give them the opportunity to try out new and exciting sports & activities which they might have never experienced before. As well as our excellent and diverse team of coaches who work regularly within the camps, we also have a range of ‘Guest Coaches’ who come to join us at various times during the year to impart a piece of their wisdom and experience to help inspire the children and we hope to spark their passion for sports and in turn this will encourage them to live active, healthy, sport filled lives.

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